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Termite Control & Prevention

When it comes to controlling or preventing subterranean termites we offer three options

Termite Baiting Systems

These are pods placed around the exterior of a structure in the soil. These stations are baited with a product that only has 1% active ingredient in them, the remainder of the station’s bait is a cellulose type of product. Cellulose is the soft part of the wood that termites are after and consume. After the bait has been consumed by the termite workers they then return to their colony and regurgitate it to feed the rest of the colony. This ends up affecting and eliminating the colony.

Both these option are very effective at preventing and controlling termites and both effect. Both options give you the same results just delivered different ways. Chemical treatment is by a transfer method, a baiting system is by a food source. They both are a chiton inhibitor which will stop the termite from molting resolving in colony elimination.

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conventional liquid

Conventional Liquid Termite Applications

These type of treatment consist of treating the soil around the exterior of a structure, trenching and rodding the soil adjacent to the foundation, drilling and treating any concrete patios, porches, driveways or any other concrete that adjoins the foundation making for a continuous barrier protecting your biggest investment. We apply a nonrepellent product that once it is dry the termites cannot detect it. This allows the termite to forage through the product and then take it back to their colony which effects and eliminates them.

Termite Pretreatment (New Construction)

In the St Peters Termite pre-treatment field, Advanced Pest Specialists are the experts. Throughout the area, we have many satisfied builders and homeowners.  Our attention to each step in the treatment process provides an unparalleled level of protection against those termite invaders who view your structure as their next meal.

Due to the varying range of slab types and the many versions of termiticides available, a customized plan of action would be given for each termite pretreatment done.

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Termite Monitoring

Termite monitoring system. These are stakes of wood placed in the ground around the exterior perimeter of a structure in key areas. The stakes are then checked periodically for signs of termites. This is strictly just a monitoring system and will not prevent or control termites.

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